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Spring planting

Spring planting

The day temperatures are starting to warm and the frosts are becoming less frequent and less intense 

We’ve been busy filling the production with spring and summer plants which are growing quickly 

The first of the summer vegetables will be ready for sale starting 13th September. Please remember there are still frosts to come so they will need some protection in your vegetable gardens. All our vegetables seedlings are grown without pesticides and herbicides. We eat the products we grow and prefer them to be chemical free!

We will have a good range with new varieties for sale each week. One example is basil, as well as sweet green we have 7 other varieties. There are lots of tomatoes as well as  zucchini, cucumbers and pumpkin We also grow some chillies and capsicums but they are slower growing and will be available in October. 

We have a great range of potted colour on the way as well. Each week we are planting new varieties so watch for the new listing each week. Examples are premium petunias in interesting colours, calliebrachoa, African daisies, bacopa, dahlias, marigold, vinca and many more.

Bungendore has heavy frost similar to Canberra so we time production for the Canberra climate and our growing areas experience similar conditions to your gardens.